Medical Equipment Inspections

CalMed Inc provide biomedical inspections to all types of medical equipment.

These inspections are crucial to ensures medical devices are safe, accurate, reliable and operating to the required level of performance.

Our team of highly skilled and qualified engineers will perform visual inspection to all equipment searching for possible defects or deficiencies.

A full physical biomedical inspection includes examining equipment for flaws including cracks, tears, defects, frayed power cords, loose pins, knobs and switches.

CalMed technicians will check audible and visual alerts are work and test the earth continuity, lead polarity, insulation and resistance checks.

Annual and semi-annual biomedical inspections are required to meet State requirements.

Inspections are usually conducted during planned preventative maintenance visits.

CalMed’s team of skilled engineers carry out the vast majority of repairs on site, ensuring minimal disruption for clients and have a huge selection of loan items to replace any equipment which needs to be repaired at our in-house workshop.

* Contact CalMed to discuss your requirements via the form opposite or by calling out team on (203) 315 8121.

Other CalMed Services


CalMed provide a range of maintenance packages for medical equipment.


CalMed offer calibration services to ensure accuracy and safety use of medical equipment.


CalMed provide 24-hour call outs and scheduled medical equipment repairs.