Medical Lighting Repair, Maintenance and Servicing

CalMed Inc repair, service and maintain medical lighting.

We provide support to a huge variety of clients in the medical, dental and veterinary sectors.

Our skilled technicians provide a range of repairs, maintenance and servicing to lighting equipment in patient and examination rooms, minor surgery and operating theatres and clinics.

We understand the important of providing the right type of lighting for the right environment, utilizing energy-efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that last longer, illuminate better and cost less to use than standard halogen lights.

CalMed can support dual-zone light, have customisable lighting intensity and colour temperature, allowing you to tune the lighting of your medical exam rooms to a comfortable level.

Our team of skilled technicians will also ensure the correct lighting set-up for surgical and dental operation lights to ensure precise examinations and operations.

We also understand the importance of providing appropriate lighting to help patients recover and sleep better.

Contact CalMed to discuss your lighting equipment repair, service or maintenance options via the form opposite or by calling out team on (203) 315 8121.

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