Medical Tool Repair, Maintenance and Servicing

CalMed Inc repair, service and maintain all types of medical tools.

Our team will provide sharpening services to surgical instruments to ensure physicians have the precision and consistency they need for surgical procedures.

CalMed engineers will inspect, maintain, repair and service the vast majority of medical tools on site providing sharpening, deburring and minor adjustments.

Should equipment need more substantial work back at CalMed’s high quality workshop our team will supply free loan equipment to ensure clients can continue protecting patients without disruption.

CalMed services to medical equipment includes:

  • Sharpen/Hone
  • Deburr
  • Align/Adjust
  • Remove Rust and Pitting
  • Clean
  • Buff/Polish and Lubricate


Contact CalMed to discuss your medical tool sharpening repair, service or maintenance options via the form opposite or by calling out team on (203) 315 8121.

CalMed Areas Of Expertise

Autoclave Sterilizers

Autoclave machine repair, service and maintenance specialists

Patient Lift Systems

CalMed technicians maintain, service and repair patient lift systems