Rhode Island Rescue For Forty Beagles

Life begins at Forty – or so it seems for a group of beaming Beagles rescued to Rhode Island.


These delighted dogs were seized from a company supplying medical laboratories with animals for research.


They were rescued after the Humane Society of the United States took customer of the dogs.


Beagle Lottery


It is not known what may have happened to the group of Beagles – but what is clear now is they have a chance of live in New England.


Wayne Kezirian, President of the Rhode Island SPCA , said: “They won the beagle lottery.


“It looks like one of the female dogs might be pregnant but we have two litters of beautiful puppies and as you can see coming off the truck these guys like human contact.


“What I have seen from them coming off the tansferport is that these animals are much ready to go.”


The dogs were seized from undisclosed location in America but with the investigation ongoing no further details are available.


Rhode Island


Staff at Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were delighted to welcome the 40 beagles to their air conditioned unit on Wednesday.


The dogs will be inspected by veterinarians before being prepared for adoption.


Anyone interested in providing a home for one or some of the beagles should contact the RSPCA via their website

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